5 Easy Breakfast Recipes For Vegans

Although vegans do not eat animal products or by products, they still have plenty of delightful and easy breakfast options to choose from. Oatmeal is a frugal and filling vegan friendly breakfast option. Vegans simply make their oats with water rather than milk. The oatmeal can be flavored with cinnamon, nuts, and fresh or dried fruit.

For variety, vegans can rotate from oatmeal to warm couscous flavored with cinnamon or nutmeg, nuts, fresh or dried fruit.

Vegans can also enjoy slices of honey free bread or tortillas slathered with peanut butter, other nut butters, or hummus as part of a nutritional and fuss free breakfast. Bread can be toasted or not, and eaten with a side of fruit.

Vegans can also make breakfast dishes similar to scrambled eggs and omelets by substituting tofu for eggs. The scrambled tofu or tofu omelets will be less fluffy than chicken egg dishes, but still very pleasant and can be flavored by any spices, seasonings, or vegetables that are added to it.

Smoothies are another wonderful breakfast staple. They are the breakfast of champions for anyone on the go. There are countless options for smoothie blends. Orange or apple juice can be combined with various types of fruits and vegetables. Soy milk can be substituted for cow milk, and also blended with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Ice can be added to the blender mixture if preferred.

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